Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Working at CGI, going to Las Vegas and more

This post has been a few months in the making. Apologies for not updating all of you sooner. As some of you know already, I’ve been working at CGI for a few months now. Thanks to link who, unwittingly, set the ball rolling in this regard by posting a link to one of my blog posts on CGI’s forums. Tom, one of the co-founders of CGI, and I spoke a few times after that. As I’d expected, our investing philosophies matched. I'd been a CGI subscriber since late last year, so I’d had the chance to evaluate their integrity and ability. Both top-notch. So, when Tom offered me the chance to work on their value portfolios, I knew the right answer was yes. It’s a rare group of people that’s blessed with integrity, intelligence, passion and humility. I consider myself extremely fortunate to be working with just such a group here and doing what I love doing.

If you liked reading my blog and are interested in small-cap value opportunities, I believe the chances are good that you’ll find (deep) value in a subscription to CGI Growth and Value Focus. Please email me if you do make the decision to subscribe, so that the appropriate discount, for being a reader of this blog, can be applied to your subscription. While we’ve had a few blog readers subscribe to CGI already, I hope to see many more.

I will also be traveling to Las Vegas for CGI’s second subscriber conference from the 23rd of Oct through the 25th. While you run the risk of meeting me, consider the rewards of meeting Tom, Jeff, Jason and Shane. Of course, you will also have the chance to listen to our excellent selection of keynote speakers and talk value investing with like-minded investors all weekend long. I look forward to being there, even if it's a long way from out here in Chennai, and I hope you’ll join us too.

Finally, a note on what happens to this blog. I have positions in common with the CGI portfolios. You’ll need to subscribe to see what they are! Therefore, commentary on those positions through this blog is going to be very limited, if at all. It's highly likely that I'll comment on my Indian equity holdings from time to time. Thanks to everyone that’s been a regular reader, and especially to Andy, link and Larry for keeping me on my toes.

For folks that aren't in Chennai and are not planning to make a trip anytime soon, I hope we can stay in touch, most preferably through CGI or via email. However, if you do live in Chennai or are visiting sometime, drop me a line if you'd like to meet up. I've already had the pleasure of meeting a regular reader of this blog in person, and I hope to be able to add many more to that list over time.



  1. congrats on CGI... They seem to be taking all the best bloggers away!

    Best wishes, and it has been a pleasure to read your blog. Hope to hear more from you.

  2. belated congrats on your CGI team-up. i second what JM said above about the best bloggers being cherry-picked away. oh, well....guess they know how to pick talent as well as stocks over there. and that bodes well for both them and their subscribers!


  3. Jeff,

    Thanks much. You almost(:-)) match my positive outlook for the future of Steak 'N Shake.


    Thanks once again for setting things in motion at CGI.